IJIN JEANS is the stop for ijin material jeans, these jeans are on the up rise and are slowly gaining popularity. There are only a couple places online that sell ijin. In these select few, you are lucky if you can find any in stock or for that matter in your size. The cheap deals on ijin material are here, including jeans, clothing, or a even tshirt.



If you take out all the seems in ijin jeans they are said to lay out evenly on both sides. This is where thier trademark "foldedge" comes from. Ijin is a japanese word that is used to classify a outsider or alien.


Step aside seven jeans because people are talking and what they are talking about is ijin jeans. Denim heads are saying these jeans are the new evisu jeans. A designer that was on the evisu team is said to be the maker of these jeans and these ijin jeans are unreal but are almost impossible to get your hands on.

The very limited ijin material jeans.

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